7D Cat Cut Summer Tarp // 4.25oz without lines or seam sealing

Materials: Rockywoods 7D Silnylon // .7oz/yard

Video walk around: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4EgKi8_iHY

Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/4H9m1mm

Weight: 121g / 4.25oz

Dimensions: 64″ to 52″ x 101″


This material is great for a summer tarp, hitting the sweet spot of reasonable price to high performance for a 3 yard shape at sub $50USD. I’ve made a DCF version of this guy and at 3.8oz with line, it’s certainly lighter, more waterproof, and more durable (although not as wide), but it also cost me $120 to make. Not a huge weight savings for a very high cost difference. I doubt I’ll use .5oz DCF much more except for large flat tarps — it’s just so damn expensive and it doesn’t pack down very well.

I eyeballed the cat cut and spent ~2 hours making this, very easy to put together something quickly. Given the context I’ll use this in, summer, the cat cut is less important to nail (which I clearly did not, and not sweating it).

I’m not going to bother to add mid-way tie outs to this tarp. I want to get all red line for it. Make it my ninja summer tarp. I’ll probably add perimeter bug netting to this eventually to make it ‘enclosed’.

I’d recommend working with the 7D silnylon for a summer tarp. Expecting rain and rougher weather, I’d make this same tarp (ish) out of Membrane silpoly for a only slight increase in weight but getting the benefits of much lower water absorption and better waterproofing.

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