MYOG Warm Active Shirt Layer [261g / 9.2oz]

This is a 4-way stretch grid mid-weight fleece active layer.  I grabbed this material on discount from Seattle Fabrics.  This is a surprisingly warm and comfortable material with a lot of stretch.  I’ve worn this snowboarding and shoulder season / … Continue reading “MYOG Warm Active Shirt Layer [261g / 9.2oz]”

4-Way Stretch Microgrid Upper Active or Warm Layer

6.06oz right now (needs trimming as you’ll see). Used a light weight 4way stretch microgrid fleece.  It’s a tight fit but for this sort of material, I like that.  This is more stretchy than my patagonia quarter zip hoodie and … Continue reading “4-Way Stretch Microgrid Upper Active or Warm Layer”

MYOG Fleece Balaclava with Eye Mask

I have the whole process recorded — modeling/stencils/patterns, cutting supplies, prep, sewing it all together.  For now, though, please just enjoy some images of the finished product. Materials: 100wt PolarTech Fleece (under 1/2 yard) 1/16” elastic shock cord tiny cord … Continue reading “MYOG Fleece Balaclava with Eye Mask”