4-Way Stretch Microgrid Upper Active or Warm Layer

6.06oz right now (needs trimming as you’ll see).

Used a light weight 4way stretch microgrid fleece.  It’s a tight fit but for this sort of material, I like that.  This is more stretchy than my patagonia quarter zip hoodie and a couple ounces lighter.  

I copied the shape of a long sleeve I liked and drew it out on the material, then cut and sewed.  It took under 90 minutes.  

I’m not hemming any of the side material as I don’t think it needs it, but we’ll see.  The polartech fleece frays quickly but this doesn’t appear to at all, perhaps because of all of the stretch material?  Time will tell.

For a 6oz sleeping layer and early morning / late evening or in camp layer, this is pretty great.  It’s not as warm as a 7oz apex jacket (plans in the works) but this is far better to hike in (unless it’s really really cold).  

This shirt is designed to go with my balaclava / eye mask and some very light weight sleeping tights.  I can pair this with a 45* apex quilt for shorter, predictably warm nights.  This will also come with me in 30*-40* hiking weather as an active layer in November (with a 20* bag).  

For my 2018 WA PCT hike I’m going to use this basic setup with a 30* bag and a wind jacket.  During the heat of summer, that’ll be more than enough.

On to the photos.

Not stretched, notice the space in between the fuzzy blue baffles.
Stretched, notice the larger space in between the fuzzy blue baffles.

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