The “Why Are We Hiking” Quilt – MYOG 30* Synthetic Quilt for PNW

Design Intentions:

– handles rain like a champ
– handles rain like a champ
– enables me to go out early in the rain in the PNW because it handles rain like a champ


– secret nylon aliexpress breathable soft velvety fabric (orange, very light under 60gsm)
– argon 67 (forest green)
– 3.6oz/sqyard climashield apex insulation
– 2.5oz/sqyard climashield apex insulation


– to be updated


– elastic cinch collar with modular anchor points, enabling me to both fold the whole of the elastic cinch inside of the collar, but also replace it completely without any sewing.  
– super fast footbox because, frankly, whatever.  my feet end up lying fairly horizontally and envelope closure works for me.  this is also quite long
– not very breathable exterior fabric to repel moisture from the outside
– breathable and very soft interior fabric
– long quilt enabling me to more easily sleep “in and out” of the quilt to better regulate temperature.  if the quilts connecting points were too close together, ventilation would become more challenging.

Closing Thoughts:





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2 thoughts on “The “Why Are We Hiking” Quilt – MYOG 30* Synthetic Quilt for PNW

  1. I love this butterfly trash bag aesthetic, chose the same for my my quilt last year.
    What kind of water protection were you looking for? The fabric is not really waterproof, right?
    I’m still living under the impression that you’re f*cked when it starts raining under your tarp, so I do everything I can to prevent that. But I guess it does help you when it starts raining, especially having synthetic insulation instead of down.

    The cinch idea sounds really cool but I don’t really understand how it works. Are you happy with how it turned out?

    Cheers, JB

    1. Hey JB thanks for commenting!

      This is not a waterpoof bag, definitely not, and I always bring a tarp with me to shed rain.

      The reason this is “water resistant” is not that it prevents water but rather that it stays much warmer when it’s wet — this is due to the synthetic insulation.

      The cinch is super comfortable! It’s not to not feel like you’re being mildly strangled at night with every toss and turn.


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