Spain, May, 25 Days [Onebag, 5.4kilo, <18L]

When/Where/Why/Duration:  May, All of Spain / bit of S. France, Honeymoon, 25 days Packing: MYOG onebag pack large packing cube toiletries pouch used for tech  rectangle zipper pouch (shoe bag + grocery bag / trash bag / etc) synthetic produce … Continue reading “Spain, May, 25 Days [Onebag, 5.4kilo, <18L]"

2 Person 120v Sauna Build [200*+F ] 

2p Sauna Build [120v] [200*+F ]  Interior dimensions: 74″x41″x64″ Volume: ~114 cu ft Goals: 140*F Minimum Wide, long bench for one and happy to share side by side for two. Ideal temp of 165*F. Constraints: No outside labor Fast (loooool) Milestone 1: … Continue reading “2 Person 120v Sauna Build [200*+F ] “

7D Cat Cut Summer Tarp // 4.25oz without lines or seam sealing

Materials: Rockywoods 7D Silnylon // .7oz/yard Video walk around: Imgur album: Weight: 121g / 4.25oz Dimensions: 64″ to 52″ x 101″ Notes: This material is great for a summer tarp, hitting the sweet spot of reasonable price to … Continue reading “7D Cat Cut Summer Tarp // 4.25oz without lines or seam sealing”