Alternative Insurance

Insurance is expensive.  I hate subscription fees.  I’m a buy-it-once guy.  

Here are some resource-efficient methods to ensure against unfortunate situations:

  • Car:  cheap synthetic sleeping bag, 2 gallons of water, emergency jumper battery, kitty litter
  • Health: HSA, catastrophe coverage, water, daily walk, no added sugar
  • House: no candles, use smart outlets, smart lights, conspicuous video cameras (interior & exterior)
  • Computer security: two factor authentication, encrypted hard drives, unplug and remove SSDs while on extended vacation
  • Financial:  uncorrelated & diversified assets, TIPS, lifecyle investing, target date funds
  • Real estate:  group buying
  • Knees:  avoid skiing & basketball (ouch here)
  • Romantic relationships:  prenuptial agreement, early discussion of financial goals, early discussion of family goals 
  • Friendships:  up front advocacy for your own interests and fun with the expectation you will cover the whole experience 
  • Family events:  bring your own transportation, bring/download reading materials 
  • Contracts: performance based contracts, vesting schedules, high barrier to entry participation, as few participants / owners as possible
  • Electronics:  purchase used, 2 year old models, that have a minimum resell value of your lowest effort per hour income x2 (phone, cameras, computer hardware, etc)
  • General Purchasing Guidelines:  no-fuss return policy, free return shipping

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