MYOG DCF Catenary Cut Tarp (3.8oz) (5)

It’s 8.91′” x 5′ @ head & 4′ @ foot This is definitely an “advanced mode” tarp and I’m 100% pairing it with a waterproof bivy and an apex quilt for being optimally warm when wet. 

It’s made of 0.54oz DCF “cuben fiber” and was made with just 3 yards of materials.  This design is one of the most inexpensive ways to create a DCF tarp, but it is very very narrow.  

Design I followed was from

In a devastating storm the front comes down too, but with mild condensation this pitch helps my feet stay dry while letting the upper portions of my bivy protect me from the wind and rain.

So far my preference has been to always pitch it as high as possible.  When in a true storm, the tarp needs to be pitched low and as wide as possible, ideally with the front facing and underneath a tree.  


Combined with my waterproof, bugproof & warm flexible bivy design.

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