MYOG Camera Bag

This is a camera bag designed for my Sony RX100 V.  I want to be able to keep it soft and waterproof, ish, while accessible in my shoulder pouch.  I want a way to have it be out and on the ground but not getting any dirt on it.  This is version 1.  

I used an old microfiber towel and some scrap xpac vx07.  It took ~30 minutes.  

I may try to make one with a waterproof zipper and seam seal it properly.  I’d like to be able to have enough space to also fit my nitecore f1 battery.  We’ll see on that.

I could make this is with 0.54oz DCF and it would be as waterproof but I don’t think it’d be as durable and prevent as much scratching.  I may make one with DCF though anyway.  

The cinch closure was too tight for the xpac (I find rigid fabrics don’t fair a cinch well) so I think DCF would fair better there as well.  

This weighs 13 grams or 0.45oz.  

I think from a design perspective I absolutely nailed the shape of the bag.  It’s extremely functional this way.  

Quick and easy project!

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