7.5×9 DCF Flat Tarp [166g / 5.85oz]

Made and finally tested a 7.5×9 0.51oz/yard DCF tarp. Final weight is 166g or 5.85oz.

I bonded the panels with Loctite U-09FL, used mostly DCF for all the lineloc and guyout points (thanksfor the tip John), and overall I love the thing.

Here’s a link to my instagram story where I walk through most of the process of creating this tarp on video:https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17866726708314965/

I also made a DCF / mesh bug pyramid with a splash proof front to make this setup even more weather resistant. I’ll post that soon.



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2 thoughts on “7.5×9 DCF Flat Tarp [166g / 5.85oz]

  1. That looks great! How did you pitch the tarp in the snow? It looks like a mid style pitch, but I can’t tell from this angle.

    1. Sort of, it’s a leaning A frame basically, where I pitched one end to the ground completely and then pitched the middle of the other end up to a pole, with the two corners pitched as close to the ground as possible. It was insanely windy.

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