What Cowbow Camping Looks Like [Photo Journal]

Duckabush River in ONP, May 21 2019. With Dad who is climbing up a log for the insane view.
Bivy camping for extra warmth without the bug netting used. This is what camp often looks like out of a bivy. Everything sprawled all over, maybe organized on top of a rain jacket.  May 9 2019
At the base of Mt Adams with wind jacket on to get out of the bugs. It’s freaking 9:20pm at night in this photo! July 15th, 2018
There are lots of reasons to go backpacking. Sleeping right here is one of them. Goat rocks July 16th 2018. Notice the writing that says “to White Pass” on the bag.
View from the bivy aug 1
Communal hanging under stars // we all ended up sleeping out Sept 22 2018
Sea 2 Summit nano bug net sleeping on trail at 8:15pm Aug 26 2017. People cannot fathom sleeping on the trail. I love it, although it’s harder to find a soft spot. But it’s a true method in case of emergency to most likely be able to get some sleep: just go to bed on the flat trail closest to you. I had to have been at 2700′ at this point and was boiling hot.
View from camp the next morning. You may be able to see that I’m sleeping on the middle of an uphill climb.  6:13am Aug 27, 2017
Mid day nap at a lake late season enough to be without bugs (and also at much higher elevation). 9:30am Aug 27 2017
A normal break spot on a trail where I haven’t seen anyone for a bunch of hours. Aug 10 2017

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